Electrical Contractor in Mumbai
Electrical contractor define as a business person or firm that performs specialized and professional electrical construction work.
Electrical safety auditor in Mumbai
Electrical safety auditor is examining the safety of electrical installations of any industrial unit or enterprise.

Electrical Contractor in Mumbai

Safety is of the utmost importance when installing any electrical system at your office or home. Our home’s power supply is always somewhere nearer to 220+ V AC current that can be fatal for human beings. Hence it is necessary to install the electrical equipment in a safe and optimum possible way. These sophisticated works cannot be done by electricians alone and need special expertise of people on these subjects. The prime factors on which the electrical contractors in Mumbai work on are the design, installation and maintenance of the electrical systems in your office and home.

Usually, people are unaware of the basic difference between the electricians and the electrical contractors and think of it as same. But both are different jobs and can be thought of as the electricians working under the electrical contractors in Mumbai. Let’s check some of the basic work of the electrical contractors in Mumbai.

Electrical Contractor in Mumbai
  • Project Planning: The initial phase of the electrical contractor work is to plan the project and the steps that need to be taken while getting the job done. They also need to factor out the time and resource allocation for the total job beforehand.
  • Benchmark Creation: After the initial planning, the next step is to create a benchmark for the project’s successful completion.
  • Resources Distribution: This step starts with the project’s initiation the proper allocation of the electrical resources for each section of the infrastructural development. It ensures that proper electrical resources are available at the right point of time for installation.
  • Budget Management: The important factor in any installation and establishment part is the budget that needs to be maintained. The electrical contractors ensure that the total electrical work is done under the prescribed budget. You don’t shell out unnecessary money on the extra work.
  • Maintenance: After the final project completion, it is important to take care of the resources’ electrical functioning and maintain them for long-term use. It is also essential to keep changing the faculty object and lines after a regular period of time to ensure the safety of the building’s total electrical infrastructure.

These are some of the fundamental works of an electrical contractor in Mumbai that can help you in getting the work done at an affordable cost. Even inside the electrical contractor domain, there are different electrical contractors based on the type of specialisation they have. You can get expertise on voice/ data/ video electrical contractors, line electrical contractors, inside electrical contractors and more. They all specialise in different types of work and works simultaneously to produce the best results.

Suppose you are also planning to install the electrical systems in your building or planning to make a new building. In that case, it is better to get some expert people on-board who know the way to design, install and maintain the electrical systems in your capital resource. It ensures that you do not go through unnecessary hassles and maintain the complete system safely and efficiently.

Electrical safety auditor in Mumbai

Electrical Safety Auditor in Mumbai

Electrical safety Auditor is examining the safety of electrical installations of any industrial unit or enterprise. It is performed by enquiry, inspection, testing and verification. It is conducted by experienced professionals who assist clients in reducing risk and help to ensure compliance with applicable safety standards and regulations. A S Electrical safety Auditor in Mumbai follow systematic approach for evaluating potential electrical hazards give reports regarding actions for improvement in electrical safety installation.

Electrical safety Auditor is often addressed separately by many organizations because workplace safety is more important that each company need to make it top priority. Why electrical safety is important here are some points that make your doubt clear

  • Even high professional electrician reported that they have been shocked and get injured while on the work.
  • Electric shocks are most common cause of workplace deaths.
  • Electrical shocks are also responsible for a huge number of workers becoming disabled every year.
  • Medical cost related to this serious electrical burn can be less and take many years.

Electrical safety analysis the degree of safety of the overall electrical system in the premises, providing recommendation and measures to be taken to decrease or eliminate the risk of electrical hazards.

  • Analyzing of the electrical hazards identification and risk assessment.
  • Analyzing of the availability and reliability of emergency systems such as DG set, battery, UPS.
  • Analyzing of the earthing and lighting protection system.
  • Analyzing of the electrical distribution network and system of the plant and functionality of protection device.
  • Analysis of competency of workers, contractor performance and the record of training.